Originally from the California Bay Area, Nicholas has received degrees from the University of Washington (B.F.A., B.A.) and Ohio University (M.F.A.). Following his passion for ceramics, he advanced through academia, then worked as an artist-in-residence at Red Lodge Clay Center and the Archie Bray Foundation where he received the Matsutani Fellowship. He was selected as an 2011 Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist, and as 2012 NCECA Emerging Artist. He currently resides in Tacoma Washington with his wife Nicole, and their goldendoodle Darla.

Nicholas Bivins, workingIn his ceramic practice, Nicholas makes highly functional, uniquely handmade objects for use. The reductive minimal aesthetic found in his work is abstracted from his appreciation for all things precisely done with style. The ceramic pieces are high-fire slip cast porcelain with glaze and decals; the trays the pots rest upon are CNC-milled MDF, with automotive paint and rubber.

He currently teaches ceramics and photography at the Charles Wright Academy. Besides teaching, he also helps to lead trips into the backcountry with the Outdoor Education Program, and coaches the Golf Team.