Attached below is an impromptu pic and brief (low quality) video that I took with my phone this morning. I have been working with a great local shop here in Helena, Signs Now, to CNC router the trays I use in my work. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, and its a common technology that can control just about any device. Here is a wiki page for more info if you’re curious. So the picture shows the cut paths that Ray made using Adobe Illustrator, then the video shows the router going to work. This is hopefully the final test cuts before we mill the first round of trays. After the trays are milled, I’m working with another local business, Economy Auto Body, to have them painted. Ever seen that amazing color called “Pearl” used by BMW, Mercedes, and Subaru? Yep…that’s what the trays are going to be coated with.

From left to right, that is the footprint of my Saucer, Small Coffee Pot, Large Coffee Pot, Beer Stein, Creamer, Liquor Bottle, Flask, and Teapot. We’ll cut these, then test the finished pots in them for fit. Once we’ve got everything sized just right, then we’ll cut the trays. I’m really excited about how this change in process is going to effect the overall quality of my sets. More to come soon.

cnc vid (you might need to add this plugin into Firefox for this to play)

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