Mudfire and Philly

I’m very pleased to announce two shows that are now up online for your viewing pleasure.

First off, a solo show at MudFire Gallery in Decatur GA, called Pursuing Perfection. I couldn’t be happier with all the effort that Mudfire (thank you Erik and Luba!) has put in to this show for me. They have dome some really fantastic writing as well, and that seems to be a rarity these days. I put in 28 pieces total, that includes 2 sets. Prices span the range from the high end at $720 for Toasting Cups (8), to the low end of $38 for a Liquor Cup. Please follow the links above to see the show.

Secondly, I am part of Cups and Coffee at the The Clay Studio in Philadelphia. I generally don’t release too many of these types of cups because they are such a main component to the sets I make and I don’t want to become a cup making machine, but this show was just too perfect of a fit not too. I also included a new piece, called “Brew”, which is a pour over filter, cup, and saucer set. Here is the announcement to the show…

Finally, to close out this post, on the show horizon are the Strictly Functional Pottery National, and the New Sales Gallery Artists Preview at Northern Clay Center. Stay tuned.

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