Since I implemented the ‘post via phone’ technology, I haven’t actually been writing anymore. Its just been difficult to find the time, and a picture is worth a thousand words…right?

My residency at Red Lodge Clay Center is over. Today (Saturday) is officially my last day working. The studio is mostly packed, and the house is already halfway moved. Thankfully, this transition is a lot shorter than the previous ones, as its only 260 miles from Red Lodge to Helena.

Next, I will be an artist-in-residence at the Archie Bray Foundation. I am just so excited about going to the Bray. When I was a clueless undergrad, I was shown by one of the grad students (who happened to be a former Bray resident) the Bray website as a place to find the best work in contemporary ceramics. From that point on, I wanted to be a part of it. And now that I’m going there, I can’t even believe it. It doesn’t seem real yet. I think moving in will fix this.

In my final push at Red Lodge, I made the largest piece I’ve ever attempted. It required me to work like a rented mule, but I think it was worth it. Its a table setting for 12 that is mounted on the wall. I did a very similar piece to this for my thesis show, which was for 4. This piece is currently being shipped to the Bellevue Art Museum (BAM) for the Biennial. I am on pins and needles while using every bit of good karma I have in hopes nothing gets broken during shipping. “Twelve” consists of 99 parts. 98 pots and 1 mounting bracket. A.K.A. lots of things that could break.

Here are two photos, the first one is “Four” which was for my thesis show, and the second is an impromptu studio shot of “Twelve”. What a difference a year makes.

I also sent a second piece to BAM, much smaller and much more intimate. I feel that these two pieces are both working with intimacy, just on different scales. There is a time for a large dinner party, and there is also time for a quite morning together with a loved one. This piece stemmed from a need that developed in my life. My wonderful and loving fiance, Nicole, drinks tea exclusively. I am a religious coffee drinker. So what to do when we have a morning to relax and enjoy? Use a Coffee and Tea Service Set.

I feel really great about these two pieces, and I am certainly relieved they are finished and will be shown at such a spectacular venue.

So, moving forward, headed up to Helena and will have about a week to unpack/ mtn bike/ fish/ etc. Then going out to Seattle/Bellevue for the BAM opening and to visit with old friends from college, with a Whistler trip in there too. Can’t wait to ride A-Line and Dirt Merchant!

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