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I admit it, I’ve fallen off blogging for the last 3 weeks. There’s just been so many things happening. To catch up from the last post, the new silver trays are, well, really silver. I’m interested in using silver for a few reasons, but mostly because I can’t make a glaze that color. Here’s a quick pic from the studio…

Moving forward, the beginning of May was the Mothers Day Planter Sale here at the Bray. It was quite an event, we even had a petting zoo. Here is a Bray Blog post about it. It was a bit more special Mothers Day for me and my mom, because she came out to visit. We had a really fantastic time, and played in the studio quite a bit. What a cool mom I have, she brought bisque ware from CA, so we ran a glaze kiln while she was here. A pic of my mom (at right) looking at all the planters…

There are a lot of preparations happening for the upcoming he 60th Anniversary Celebration. And one of them is beer! Our local brewery, Blackfoot River Brewing, is making a very special limited edition Strong Belgian Ale. ‘Bray Brew’ is the working title, and they needed volunteers to help bottle the beer. Now that’s my type of volunteer work! A full writeup with pictures is here on the Bray Blog. It was really entertaining.

The next piece of news I’d like to share is that I’m going to be part of a 3-person demonstration at Santa Fe Clay with Mike Jabbur and Tara Dawley on Saturday June 11th. There are just a few spots left, if you’d like to take the demo, please contact Santa Fe Clay at 505-984-1122. The demo is in conjunction with our show “Decorum”, which opens on Friday June 10th. We will all be there, and I hope if you’re in Santa Fe I’ll see you there. Here is the image of the mailer…

Finally, one more bit of good news. I’m mentioned in the upcoming issue of American Craft. Actually, I’m in there a couple of times. First, the show I was just talking about at Santa Fe Clay is picked as one of the “Shows to See”. Later in the issue, I have a quote and an image of my work in the article about the Bray. Here is the link to the article.

Well, that’s the big update. Thanks for reading, more to come soon.

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