Artist Statement

I make utilitarian pots using a precise, clean, and efficient geometric language as I try to define perfectly handmade. The act of making allows me to practice my craft repeatedly while looking for the nuance of how much evidence of handwork I put in and how much hand I take out.

I am curious how functional pots continue to retain relevance in our evolving and modernized society. I believe this importance is due to our innate need for connection to expressive and creative thoughts. Being an artist provides me an opportunity to invent objects which will improve a user’s life through emotional, imaginative, and personal relationship to one maker.

Through usage, the simultaneous attention of the user on the objects and the attention of objects on the user reveals the unique nature of personal production for personal use. The constant refocusing of the viewer/user allows a more conscientious operation of the objects, hopefully presenting questions of what is perfection, and what occurs when the popular aesthetic definition of handmade is circumvented.