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This cup is the start of a collaboration between me and Jeff Campana. Jeff’s studio is right across the hall from mine here at the Bray, and we have been discussing some possibilities about mingling our processes.

We started with a simple enough step, using one of my molds, and some slip that Jeff already had mixed of his claybody, he poured  a cup and took it through his process of dissection/reassembly and glazing. That’s the cup in the picture. In another test in the same kiln, he also found out that his glazes fit my clay body.

With so many similarities in our materials, and immediately finding some technical success, we’re going to push on and see what we can come up with.

There is also another, larger, more theoretical point to doing this. Beyond doing it just to see if we can (which would be reason enough), or just to see how it will change us (another completely valid reason), I feel this type of searching is part of why we are both at the Bray. This type of thing is why our studios are in the same hallway, and its our job to take this opportunity to its fullest potential.

Stay tuned, more to come soon.

3 thoughts on “Collaboration”

  1. SWEET!! I love this collaboration with Jeff.
    Also- where am I supposed to put a general comment about how GREAT and HELPFUL and EASY it is when artists have downloadable high rez images available!?!?!? I don’t have to bother you for them, and they are there when I need them by yesterday.

    1. Thank you so much Karen. The download page is my attempt to solve that frequent, pesky problem that only seems to come up under print deadlines. I’m so happy that its working! I hope that by providing that resource I am easier to work with, and therefor more likely to be published. Which is definitely a win for me. Thanks again.

  2. I’m curious as to what would happen if Jeff used his dissection/assembly process in the way that you use your line work, as in instead of cutting things equally in his normal sort of patterned way, could he cut and assemble along the lines that you normally use as surface treatment? I’ll be looking for this to happen. =)

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