Custom Order

I want to try a different way of selling my work, and collaborating with buyers, without going fully into commission style selling.

My idea is to create a custom order webstore, where clients can order the pots they want. My general analogy for my store, is to function somewhat like a restaurant with a seasonal menu. Customers choose from an ever-evolving list of menu options for what suits their appetite and budget.

This is a solution to number of things for me as a maker…

1) I never seem to have the inventory on hand that people are looking for.

2) Closely related to #1, because the work is spread out across multiple venues, there is always a very low selection to choose from in any one place at one time.

3) I feel a lack of connection to customers who buy my work

4) I can’t explain why which things sell well in one spot, and not at all in another

As for now, the webstore will carry the pots I have made, and will form the beginnings of the “menu”

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