Jump Cups

Over the course of the past few years, I have been experimenting with different ways of decorating my work. Recently, I’ve been working with a motif that is an abstraction of geometric shapes that are greatly influenced by architecture and design. I have started to notice that most of my favorite shapes, the ones that I have the tendency to repeat the most, looked like the cross-section of jumps found in sports like snowboarding, biking, skateboarding, etc. So I’ve gone with it, and now started to draw these jump parks.

All that’s missing are the athletes. I would like to thank all the Greek potters, from a long long time ago, for providing me some of my favorite art history ever. So, putting athletes on pots is not a new idea, but I am going to try and bring it up to contemporary speed. So instead of an Olympian throwing a spear, I will have Terje Haakonsen boosting 150′ out of a quarter pipe throwing the largest Haakonflip ever imagined. Instead of the discus thrower,  Shawn White 80′ out of the pipe throwing a quad-cork. I’ve decided these drawings don’t  have to be confined to a documentation of what’s already happened in real life. They can depict what riders imagine could happen; “ if they were invincible, had perfect conditions, and could just get enough speed into the takeoff”. I am really trying to concentrate on making the pots with this new porcelain paste stuff, and 15 other things as well. So its Nicole who is really coming through in the clutch, in donating her time and madskillz to getting the digital work going for the decals.

So, with a little luck and a lotta work, I should have the new cups for NCECA.

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