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This past winter I was very excited to be invited to show my work at Northern Clay Center for their Holiday Exhibition. I must admit that during the preparation for the show, I had dreadful thoughts that I wouldn’t sell a single piece. Why? Because Minnesota has a special role in our field of Ceramics, jeez there’s even an aesthetic named after it, Mingeisota. If you google ‘mingeisota’, the top hit is Warren MacKenzie’s wiki page. The fourth hit? Jeff Oestreich’s page on AKAR. I feel I share some geometric tendencies with J. Oestreich, and I very much admire his pots, but I definitely do not work within the Mingei framework as Jeff and Warren do. If anything, I deny quite a bit of it with my efforts to remove evidence of handwork rather then celebrate it.

Anyways, I was just pumped when I found out my work was moving, and then just today my work was posted as one of the ‘Staff Pics’. Su-weet! Thanks to Emily for the selection, and to Karen McPherson (Sales Gallery and Special Events Manager) for all the help and support. Here is the link…

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  1. Nick, if you ever visit the place, you’ll see that it actually has a pretty diverse representation of pottery from all over the USA. Actually, it seems like colorful electric fire porcelain and majolica currently dominate. And for the grants, mostly sculptural work was in the McKnight show (everybody except Linda Christianson .) When I was one of the “Artists Of The Month”, I was sandwiched between Posey Bacopoulos and Victoria Christen. Majolica sandwiches on each side of my Stoneware.

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